32Red in act of Kindness and Generosity

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32Red steps in to assist disabled burglary victim

A disabled online gambler in the UK who was depressed after a burglary cleaned her out last week had her spirits lifted Monday by a generous gift from the management and staff of the 32Red online casino.

Online player Satty posted on the Casinomeister message board that the burglars had taken items important to her modest life that included a television set and her spare wheelchair (how low can some folks go, you have to ask). Fortunately her laptop had been with her in her bedroom and was therefore saved.

Satty was regrettably uninsured, and was contemplating a long period of saving in order to replace her stolen possessions when a delivery service arrived at her door bearing a new television from 32Red sales manager Mark and his colleagues.

An overwhelmed Satty posted Tuesday: “This is the most amazing act of kindness…and I wish I had the words to explain how touched I am by this. Words really do fail me at the moment …so many thanks to Mark, I’m so choked up and touched.”

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