Bodog moves to reassure players in light of DoJ action

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Homeland Security seizure of an old and disused Bodog domain has no effect on Canuck operations

With all the media attention - and not a little misguided speculation that the Bodog domain seizure included the shutdown of similarly branded but different sites - it made sense this week for the Canadian franchise holder of the Bodog brand to explain what was going on to its players.

Canadian Bodog operations are managed by brand franchisee Bodog Europe, which holds an Antiguan licence, and the players were informed:

“You may have read some sensationalist headlines about the Bodog brand recently but we wanted to let you know that the issues being talked about only relate to the domain and its historic operations in the US.

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“ has never accepted a wager on its website from anyone resident in the US. It is operated by Bodog Europe pursuant to an Antiguan licence and is not in any way associated with the domain or its prior operations.

“As a Canadian customer we would like to assure you that has not been affected by recent actions. As far as we are concerned it is very much business as usual and we hope you continue to enjoy the site.”