Gold Vip Club

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Gold Vip Club CasinoOnline Casinos Guide has taken the decision to rogue and blacklist the Costa Rica based online casino Gold Vip Club.

Operating on Real Time Gaming Software, Gold Vip Club Casino has been blacklisted as a result of utilising unethical marketing techinques, which include:

  • Email Spamming
  • Openly recruiting Black Hat Seo’s
  • Blog and website spamming

Spam is a great scourge on the internet, particularly email spam, yet Gold Vip Club, use blatant email spam to try and recruit new players to frequent their casino. In addition, the casino management at Gold Vip Club Casino, have openly posted on various black hat forums, to recruit black hat seo’s to promote their casino.

Black Hat Seo for those who are not aware, steal content from other websites, advocate website and blog spam and use other underhand and unethical marketing techniques, to try and GAME the search engines.

In addition to the above, we are aware of several reports whereby players at Gold Vip Club Casino have experienced numerous problems in trying to cash out legitimate winnings accrued after playing at the casino.

Please steer clear of Gold Vip Club Casino.

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