Paddy Power in controversial advert

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Transgender advert offends some

Online bookmaker Paddy Power is in the hot seat over its latest advert focusing on the upcoming Cheltenham Ladies Day horseracing event.

As the ad centres on a series of women, some of which are transgender, a voiceover asks viewers to “spot the stallions from the mares” - providing a running commentary of “man” or “woman” as each women appears on screen.

The advert posted on YouTube has been lambasted by some viewers who accuse Paddy Power of being transphobic, while feminist blogger Stephanie Stevens has reportedly written a letter of complaint to the company saying: “By suggesting that transwomen should be sought out and openly identified as men, your advert not only shows a gross misunderstanding of gender identity, it is inciting viewers to transgender bullying and hatred.”

Paddy Power has insisted the advert was meant to be viewed as light hearted fun and was not intended to offend, impressing that several members of the UK transgender community are cast in the ad which was approved by UK TV vetting body Clear Cast.