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Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games, whereby you can find the tables crowded with people in land based casinos.

Funnily enough and as an aside, 32Red Casino was named 32Red as the number 32 which is red on a roulette table is regarded as a lucky number in the far east.

Anyhow I digress, playing roulette online is exactly the same as it is as if you were standing or sitting next to a roulette table.

However instead of using your hands to place the chips on the numbers of your choose, you use the cursor controlled by your mouse.

Teaching a grandma to suck eggs right?

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Well, all the online casinos which we review and recommend here on Online Casinos Guide, feature as a matter of course roulette.

For those not accustomed to the rules of roulette or who have not encountered the game before, below is a brief overview of the rules involved in the popular table game:

  • All bets are placed on an area of the table which are marked with seperate boxes, which contain individual numbers. This is the game layout. You are allowed to place bets on any particular number, any four adjacent numbers, a column or a dozen bet.

Once your bet has been place, click the spin button to set the roulette wheel off, after around a minute the wheel will slow down to a standstill and the white ball will land in a number, ranging from 0 - 36. It really is that simple. All numbered bets are paid 36 -1, whilst columns are 2 -1, colours are even, 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12 are 3- 1 and odd and even numbers are evens.

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