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Unfortunately like with anything in life, there are bad apples everywhere, this is the same with online casinos.

There are approximately some 2000 casinos available to choose from to play at on the internet, yet we only feature a select handful here on Online Casinos Guide.

We could like many casino portals do list every casino going, but the purpose of Online Casinos Guide is to only recommend those casinos which are extremely safe and secure to play at.

Casinos which are run by established and reputable companies, of which many are owned and operated by companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The purpose of our blacklisted casinos resource is to inform our visitors of the bottom feeders in the iGaming industry, featuring the very worst of the worst of online casinos. Those operations whereby they are nothing more than a scam to get your money, with very little chance of you the player ever being able to cash out.

Whilst not an exhaustive list, the list on our Blacklisted Casinos section is an important resource nonetheless and all players should take a minute or two to read up on those casinos which have been listed within it.

The casinos listed on these pages have been listed here for very good reason. Some for countless non payment issues, others for nothing more than scamming unsuspecting customers out of their money, whilst there are also some that have been rogued for spamming and theft of intellectual property - ie. stealing games, in most cases very poorly from other upstanding casino software companies.

In short, if you run an online casino operation, you do not want to be featured on our Blacklisted Casino section. For information on the recommended casinos on Online Casinos Guide, please take a look at our casino reviews section.

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