Veronika Pavlikova a Rising New Poker Star

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Veronika Pavlikova is a name you’ll be increasingly reading about in the future

Veronika Pavlikova, an 18-year-old internet poker player who has already made $225,000 and a name for herself as xbet_kiddi in online tourneys, has made an impressive entry into the major live tournament sector with her recent Euro 70,000 win at the France Poker Series Snowfest event in Evian, and is already being hailed as the next Annette Obrestad.

The young Czech bested a field of 296 entrants that included many experienced and accomplished players in the event, but remains modest, brushing aside suggestions that she is another Obrestad, who was widely regarded as a teenage prodigy when she burst onto the online poker scene several years ago.

“I love to play extremely aggressive poker, keeping opponents under constant pressure,” Pavlikova said this week. “But I don’t think you can compare me to Annette; she is by far better than me. But obviously I would like to achieve some similar results. She has always been my number one female poker idol.”

Pavlikova’s first major tournament victory in the Snowfest was built on a foundation of internet tournament experience, where the teenager has accrued a credible number of solid scores, and plenty of action at small live tourneys.

Her mix of super-aggressive yet smart and disciplined poker is building career momentum, leading several experts to predict that she has a stellar future in the game.